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Customer Support
Historical financial data, commodity prices, and Stock Market prices on demand.

Supplier of super-clean reasonably priced commodity futures
data with update service -- also market breadth data, indices, bond rates, economic data and sentiment data including Commitment of Traders.

Backtest futures the right way with custom databases supported by our DataMaker software free of charge.

Unmatched market breadth data to serve your trading needs.

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Pinnacle Data has been involved with commodity price data specializing in continuous futures contracts that use Forward, Reverse, Ratio and Non methods of adjustment since 1994. It added individual commodity contracts starting with the most active futures contracts then adding deep history of thousands of commodity contracts with over 30 years of history. It is possible to trade commodities directly using our continously futures series as the current contract is unadjusted and agrees with the currently trading prices. We hand picked the rollover days to switch from one contract to the next using the most active front month and peak of volume. Our historical data is hard to find and charting traders use it along with analysts studing technical analysis to optimize trading patterns. Then COT data was added (Commitment of Traders) to complement the price data, it includes commercial traders, non commercial traders and small traders holdings both long and short, it complements price data and popular with technical study and neural networks. Customers requested index data so the IDX database was formed. Next we added CBOT information. Then along came the IDX Database with a huge assortment of fields. Not to be outdone we also started up 84 currency cross rates. Many customers like bond and note yields for t-bills, t-notes, t-bonds along with interest rates. Weekly data was added for federal reserve numbers. Dividends and earnings for the S&P500 are popular along with sp500 dividend yield and sp500 earnings yield. But the most popular fields of all involve sentiment data such as AAII Bearish Consensus, AAII Bullish Consensus, Market Vane Bullish Consensus, Investors Intelligence Bullish Consensus and Investors Intelligence Bearish Consensus. To compliment these popular sentiment values we have Ratio Odd Lot Short Sales to Total Sales, Ratio Public to NYSE Specialist Short Sales, Ratio NYSE Short Interest to Average Daily Volume, price to earnings of Dow Jones Industrials and Dividend Yield of Dow Jones Industrials. Updates are available for Pinnacle Data at reasonable rates via the Internet.